Rick St. Dennis MFA 
Designer of over 100 theatrical productions, Rick St Dennis (Donald McAfee) is also the author of 4 books on decorative painting and contributor to at least a dozen national magazines on crafts and art. He has taught design at the college level as well as seminars and classes across the USA and Canada. He is one of a handful of designers to have designed TWO productions of AIDA, Verdi's massive Egyptian opera spectacle. Currently living in the quiet beach communuity of Seal Beach, California he writes restaurant reviews and theatre reviews between assignments for web designs, logos and creating art for local shows. Rick has appeared on such TV shows as Home Matters with Susan Powell, Aileen's Crafts and others. He was Crafts editor for Country Folk Art Magazine and sells his artwork nationally through galleries and shows. Among numerous awards he won a presidential commendation in 1976 for his contributions to the bicentennial year including the design of the west coast premier of William Grant Still's opera BAYOU LEGEND. His drawings and paintings are in the collections of Diana Ross, Sandy Duncan, Sammy Davis Jr. and Jacqueline Onnasis amongst others.

If you own, find, inherit etc my artwork:

For MANY years I sold my drawings and paintings at street fairs and professional craft shows from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other cities in California to Washington State, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado. Texas and New Mexico.

As a folk artist/decorative painter I sold in 39 or the 48 contiguous United States.

Most of my drawings are pen and ink coloured, tinted or embellished with Prismacolour Pencils. Doc Martin's Liquid Watercolours. 22K gold ink or gouache and for a brief period acrylics.

I have signed my work St. dennis, Rick. Rick St dennis, Erique St. dennis, RSD, STD and Don.

Foe a number of years I did not date my work because carrying originals from season to season it made older pieces seem "stale".

Most of my drawings are actual original drawings NOT prints-prints are double signed and numbered-it can be hard to tell since I always used good printers. quality paper and often hand coloured the prints but there should be an "ink" signature and a pencil signature directly under it and in some cases a number usually xx/100-I seldom did editions over 100 pieces or AP (artist's proof) I often did up to 10 to establish my colouring before I started on the numbered edition.

That said-I also often varied my colouring according to how the print was matted to improve sales.

At the height of my art show career I was the highest paid pen and ink artist not selling in Galleries and often got up to $1,500.00 or more for elaborate originals especially WIZARDS which often sold to professional magicians-the most I received for an original during this period was $3,500.00 for a clown montage to a well known singer/actor in Palm Springs.

In 2005 one of my works approx. 15 x 30 inches sold at auction for $10,500.00 the rest of the details have been suppressed because the owner would owe me a portion of the proceeds under the law.

My hand painted decorative items sold basically between 1990 and 2000 have shown up at auctions mostly on the East Coast and again fetched prices much higher than they were originally sold for.

I rely today on income from my sales of online digital art to supplement my very low SSI income-so I appreciate your support of my work.

I am not interested in buying any of my own work back and if you have pieces to sell I advise you to consult a reputable auction Gallery like Southeby's or similar.

If you want a letter of authenticity or an artists declaration of worth for insurance or other purposes I do charge a fee for this service-please contact me at with your request-I still do drawings for collectors of my work and can arrange framing of the customer insists use the same email to inquire about art work.

I sell the originals from my digital stamps for reasonable rates starting at 25.00 plus postage subject to availability.

hanks for your interest.

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